Customer Engagement: The Importance of Brand Communities!

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Social Media has particularly changed the landscape for brand management. A brand is now what consumers tell each other, it is no longer what firms tell consumers. This is due to the new dynamic networks formed through Social Media by consumers and brands. Businesses must pay attention to such consumer-generated brand stories to ensure their brand is successful in this competitive marketplace. Consumers have become significant authors of brand stories. Social Networks have empowered consumers to share their brand stories easily and widely, but most significantly gain a more important voice. The Brand community is defined as a self-selected group of people who share a system of values, standards, and culture. This community is characterized by shared rituals, traditions and a sense of moral responsibility. The three principles communities are built on include: feedback, advocacy and support as noted in a 2012 Comblu report. These are also pillars for a successful brand community.

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As mentioned above, the marketing discipline is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Customer engagement is now much more important as the customer can notice, appreciate and share what you did for them. Brand communities are regarded as precursors of today’s online social networks, they connect consumers and enable many to many communications. Not only do they drive greater reach but add value for the user’s journey by encouraging conversation and improving existing customer relationships. Brand communities enables users to ask questions on forums and solve problems together. Participation leads to a variety of beneficial outcomes for the brand such as stronger loyalty and purchase intentions. Brand communities allow for consumers to connect through the brand’s linking value to collectively consume and negotiate brand meaning. This community enables the business to constantly listen and learn from each interaction and follow-up, allowing the engagement to be more relevant. Such engagement with customers, requires businesses to be bold and authentic as their brands will operate in a way which does not require censorship. With such authenticity, the brand can look to grow and evolve whilst meeting the needs and expectations of its valuable customer.

Can Service Providers in the Aged Care Industry adopt an actively engaged brand community to help drive innovation, customer loyalty and increase revenues?

If so, Service Providers must be willing to invest in time, be completely committed whilst ensuring that integration is across their business. But most importantly they need to be bold and authentic!




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5 thoughts on “Customer Engagement: The Importance of Brand Communities!

    • Hi Bandishsmm,
      Thank you for sharing the Zara link, l had a browse and l think it is a very good concept. Yes, l do purchase the brand but l am not fully engaged. But with such a campaign, I would definitely engage with the brand for their concept.


  1. Hi Euphemia

    In terms of aged care, who do you see as the brand community. I actually see three that would require different social strategies accross different channels.
    1) Aged care staff and professionals (industry forums? do they exist)
    2) Children of those in care (facebook groups maybe)
    3) Those elderly about to go into care or are in care

    So how can one brand build three strategies for three audiences? what are your thoughts


    • Hi Rey,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, there are industry forums for professionals and staff. The other two, l think will depend on Aged Care Services Providers having platforms and getting people to engaged with their organization/service (2 and 3 audience). I think it is important for Service Providers to have channels in which they can engage with 2 and 3 audiences. This can be the Service Providers Facebook Page or their website.


  2. Hi Euphemia,
    I totally agree with you in terms of social media’s impact on changing how things work in consumer behaviour decision process. Before the evolution of social media, consumers had 10 to 15 people as a reference group and these people were consisted of their families and friends. However nowadays, people are able to read reviews from hundreds or thousands of people in order to make their final purchasing decision. That is why actually brand managers shouldn’t only listen to the crowd but also they should ensure that what’s been spoken about their brand is positive. Building a community is one of the ways in terms of accomplishing this goal.
    Great blog by the way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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